Even though child support calculations are based on Indiana state law guidelines, ensuring that you have the accurate amounts is vital to arriving at a support agreement that covers your child’s needs, correctly reflects the budgets of each party and will also be approved by the court. An experienced family law attorney can help ensure that all these factors are met.

At the Law Office of Karl E. Hand, P.C., we handle child support matters that arise as part of a paternity action as well as during the context of a divorce with personalized and skilled counsel. Please feel free to contact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss your case in a free, confidential initial consultation. We serve people in Northwest Indiana, and the surrounding towns and areas.

How long is a party obligated to pay child support?  The duty to support a child, which does not include support for educational needs, ceases when the child becomes nineteen (19) years of age unless any of the following conditions occurs: (1) the child is emancipated before becoming nineteen (19) years of age. In this case, the child support, except for educational needs, terminates at the time of emancipation, although an order for educational needs may continue in effect until further order of the court.; (2) the child is incapacitated. In this case, the child support continues during the incapacity or until further order of the court; (3) the child is at least eighteen (18) years of age, has not attended a secondary school or postsecondary educational institution for the prior four (4) months and is not enrolled in a secondary school or postsecondary educational institution; and is or is capable of supporting himself or herself through employment. In this case, the child support terminates upon the court’s finding that the aforesaid conditions exist.

Effective and Accurate Representation

Our law firm looks at every financial factor when helping you arrive at a fair child support amount. Not only do we research to arrive at the right incomes for each party, but we also know what deviations from the guidelines the court will allow and consider. We will explain the process step-by-step, and we are always available to answer questions and provide updates.

Child Support Modifications and Enforcement Actions

Our Northwest Indiana child support lawyer can also help you if circumstances substantially change and an existing child support order needs to be revisited and changed. For instance, if one party suffers a job loss or other change that drastically affects his or her financial situation, a child support modification may be needed.

We will analyze your situation and determine if a a child support modification is appropriate. We can also assist in seeking court enforcement of a child support order if a party is delinquent on payments.

We are always here to serve in the best interests of our clients and their children. We use our litigation experience to effectively advocate for your rights and put you in the best position to achieve your goals.

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